In Production: Passfire

Passfire, the feature documentary about the world's most amazing fireworks, the people who make them and the cultures behind them is over halfway done! It's more than a fireworks movie full of fireworks videos showing fireworks people - it's the story of how our collective passion for fireworks is passed around the world.

 Watch the NEW Passfire teaser:

Key Creative Personnel:

Jesse Veverka, Director / Producer
Jeremy Veverka, Cinematographer / Producer
Harry Gilliam, Skylighter Fireworks, Executive Producer
John Werner, National Fireworks Association, Executive Producer

Associate Producers:

Alison Kamis
Andrew Cheng, M.D.
Arthur Rozzi
Chris Knight
George Hoover
Gerry Ferrara
Hyunjoo Chung
Joe Gross
Ken Carpenter
Michael Huber
Sean Tiedeman
Shawn Ashbaugh
Sponsors (Alphabetical Order):
ACE Pyro/StarFire (Platinum)
American Fireworks News (Bronze)
American Pyrotechnics Association (Diamond)
Ann & "Rapid Robert" Redd (Platinum)
Atlas PyroVision Productions (Gold)
Bixler Pyrotechnics (Bronze)
Black Cat (Platinum)
Captain Boom Fireworks (Silver)
Central Maine Pyrotechnics/Pyro City Maine (Silver)
Cobra Firing Systems (Platinum)
Epic Fireworks (Platinum)
Finale Fireworks (Bronze)
FireOne (Platinum)
The Fireworks Foundation (Platinum)
Fireworks Productions of Arizona (Bronze)
Galaxy Fireworks (Silver)
Law Offices of John H. Brooke (Platinum)
Lynch Imports (Double Platinum)
Melrose Pyrotechnics (Platinum)
MLE Pyrotechnics (Gold)
National Fireworks Association
Northwest Pyrotechnics Association (Bronze)
Geelong Fireworks (Silver)
Hollywood Pyrotechnics (Gold) (Silver)
Spirit of '76 Fireworks (Silver)
Global 2000 (Bronze)
Martinez Specialties (Bronze)
Nitroparis (Silver)
Phantom Fireworks (Platinum)
Precocious Pyrotechnics (Bronze)
Proximity Pyrotechnics (Bronze)

Py In The Sky (Bronze)
Pyrodigital/Infinity Visions (Gold)
Pyrotechnics Guild International (Platinum)
Pyro Novelties (Silver)
Pyro Spectaculars (Platinum)
RES Specialty Pyrotechnics (Platinum)
Rozzi Famous Fireworks (Silver)
Sunny Fireworks (Gold)
Thunderking Fireworks (Bronze)
Wolverine Fireworks (Gold) (Bronze)
Young Explosives (Bronze)
ZY Pyrotechnics (Bronze)

Individual Sponsors:
Richard A. Ditton (Silver)
Stephen M. Vaughn
Thomas Castagna (Silver)

Ray Lee (Bronze)

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