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Christian Science Monitor:

India's Hidden War

Clyde Fitch Report:

"Buffalo Must Die": Making You Think
Chinese Mine Threatens Afghan Buddhas
Craft Beer: Brewing America Back to Health
Documenting "The Act of Killing"
5 Reasons why Your Smartphone Camera Sucks
Focus on Filmmakers: Adam Forrester
Focus on Filmmakers: Justin Eugene Evans
George Plimpton's Final Firework
Interview with Filmmaker Kathy Huang
"Jewish Rebel": Filmmaker Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon
Mongolia's Meat Diet: An Inconvenient Truth for Veganism
Malana: When Globalization Comes Knocking
NY Doesn't Love Him
"Passfire": It's Fireworks for the Next Three Years
"Passfire": Kickstart This
"Passfire": There's a Whole World of Fireworks Out There
Ping Pong Doc Serves up Case Study in Film Funding
Really Indie "Indie Film"
Ten Reasons to Support Passfire on Kickstarter
The Fourth of July: Some Fun Fireworks Facts
The YouTube Crisis: Cinema's Evolution or Extinction?
VFX Go Bust
Wheat Rust: Documenting The Fight Against a Deadly Pathogen

CNN Travel:

Japan's Most Incredible Cup of Coffee
Liuyang: Where the World's Fireworks are Born

Global Times:

A Tale of Two Cities

Metropolis Magazine:

After the Return
Banking With the Dinosaurs
Brave New Japan
Daikoku Futo
Drama Scene
Go West, Young Man
Hiking Tanzawa
Last Train Blues
Poll Position
Riot Grrrl
Searching for a Cure
Searching for the Sun
Snap, Crackle and Pop
Straight from the Horse's Mouth
Talking Trash

Seeking Alpha:

America's Economic Problem? Too Much Debt
China and Free Trade: A Failure to Recognize Externalities
Do Low Gas Prices Signal Big Bucks on the Horizon for GPS Manufacturers?
How America's Economic Crisis may be Beneficial to China
How the U.S. Profits from Swine Flu
Gold is Still a Good Choice
Service-Based Economy is Progress? Show me the Money


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U.S. Role Model: Bigger but not Better

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