2017/03/15: Passfire gets a write-up in CNN Travel.

2016/06/02: Passfire presents at Ithaca's Science Cabaret.

2016/02/03: Passfire gets coverage in the Ithaca Journal in an article on The New York Rock and their 2015 performance of the Passfire Pyromusical.

2015/09/03: Passfire producer 
Jesse Veverka interviewed by VICE about Passfire and the world's most experimental fireworks. 

: Passfire gets coverage in the 
Deccan Chronicle.

Passfire gets a shout-out in the Liuyang Daily, Hunan, China.

2014/12/03: Passfire producer Jesse Veverka is interviewed on 
Emerald City Radio, WRFI Community Radio.

2014/11/16: Singer/songwriter Mike Brindisi discusses Passfire on 
Live From Studio B, WFRI Community Radio.

2014/09/05: Passfire's footage appears in a 
video produced by The Wallstreet Journal Live about the Pyrotechnics Guild International.

2014/03/30: Passfire's footage appears in a 
video produced by Australia's Channel 7 about Mexico's Tultepec fireworks festival.

2013/12/20: Jesse Veverka interviewed about Passfire in the 
NOLA Defender.

2013/11/20: Mike Brindisi & The New York Rock, writers of Passfire's theme song get in-depth coverage in the Ithaca Journal.

2013/10/10: Buffalo Must Die is mentioned in the 

WRFI Radio News interviews Passfire producers Jesse and Jeremy Veverka.

2013/06/01: Passfire producer Jesse Veverka is quoted in 
BloombergBusinessweek and the San Francisco Chronicle.

2013/05/19: Passfire gets another write-up in India's Deccan Chronicle.

2013/05/18: Passfire gets an excellent write-up in India's 
Business Standard and Gulf News. 

2013/05/02: Jesse Veverka and Veverka Bros. Productions get coverage in Danang Today and also on Vietnam's official tourism website about Passfire's attendance at the Danang International Pyromusical Competition.

2013/03/01: Passfire successfully 
raises $57,606 on Kickstarter.

2013/02/20: Passfire voted 
Project of the Week on IndieWire.

2013/01/21: In-depth write-up about Passfire in the 
Tompkins Weekly (Jan 21-27).  

: Feature in the Jakarta Globe about the Veverka Bros., Buffalo Must Die and Passfire. 

: Bus to Somewhere mentioned in the 
Florida Weekly.

 China Rebirth wins second place at the Appalachian Film Festival.

2010/11/3: China Rebirth gets some coverage in the 
Tampa Movie Examiner.

2010/10/28: Jesse and Jeremy are interviewed by the 
Ithaca Times and the Ithacan.

2010/10/8: China Rebirth has a great time at the Offshoot Film Fest in Fayetteville, AR. An interview with producer Jesse Veverka can be found 

2010/09/27: A writeup on Jeremy and China Rebirth in the 
Valencia Voice.

2010/05/07: Q&A with Jeremy and Jesse in Japan's
Metropolis Magazine.  

2010/04/18: China Rebirth is featured on 
Japan Today.

 China Rebirth is mentioned by The
Hollywood Reporter. Also mentioned in The Register.

2009/8/03: In-depth write-up about China Rebirth in the 
Tompkins Weekly (August 3-9).  

2009/7/24: Write-up in the Lansing Star about
Veverka Bros. Productions. 

2009/7/22: Jesse is interviewed on WHCU 870 AM radio, Ithaca, about Veverka Bros. Productions and China Rebirth. 

2009/5/18: Jeremy is interviewed by the Cornell Chronicle.

2008/11/22: We are featured on the official website of 
Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council.​

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