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"People are going to watch
this movie 50 years from now -
we want to be a part
of that history"    

- Scott Smith, President, Cobra Firing Systems (Double Platinum Sponsor)

Passfire benefits the industry as a whole: fireworks and the fireworks industry are often portrayed negatively in the media due to misinformation and lack of familiarity. This affects both public perception and policy. Passfire is an opportunity to set the record straight and show people around the world the joy that fireworks bring. Companies who sponsor the film will help improve the image of the entire industry.

  • Your Association with The Definitive Documentary on Fireworks: Passfire is not a flash-in-the-pan project. This film is being crafted carefully over a period of several years to become the best film on fireworks ever made. Decades from now people will consider Passfire part of the fireworks canon. Companies who sponsor Passfire show that they are committed to documenting fireworks history.
  • Exposure and Visibility: Like any business, visibility is key. Companies who take on a sponsorship role receive brand exposure among fireworks consumers, professionals and the general public alike. Sponsors have the opportunity to be displayed prominently on the Passfire website, in press releases, social media and even in the film itself. This exposure will last for years.
  • Tax Deductible: Because Passfire sponsorships include promotion of your company's name and logo, sponsorship costs should be deductible as an advertising expense; you should consult an accountant regarding your specific situation.

"The Passfire film project encompasses all aspects of fireworks around the world in an accurate, unadulterated presentation. It is a fresh, captivating story without relying on 'reality based drama' to hold the audiences attention.
    - Steve Coman, RES Specialty Pyrotechnics (Platinum Sponsor)

"The APA is proud to help bring a glimpse of these traditions and celebrations from around the world to life for others to understand and appreciate."
    - Julie Heckman, Executive Director, American Pyrotechnics Association 

      (Diamond Sponsor)

"It is the pleasure of FireOne to promote the world’s unrivaled and universal form of celebration and entertainment, fireworks."

    - Dan Barker, President, FireOne (Titanium Sponsor)

"We find fireworks and their traditions around the world very interesting and to capture this in a film will be of huge value to our industry across the globe. It is an honor to be associated with the production."

    - Mat Lawrence, MLE Pyrotechnics (Gold Sponsor)

"We are pleased to be able to support the Veverka Bros. with their latest production, documenting the unique and fascinating world of fireworks along with its traditions, history, and innovations.  Their skills as independent film makers, including thought provoking and in depth research into their film subjects will certainly make this a memorable film for many years to come."

    - Alberto Navarro, Infinity Visions (Gold Sponsor)

"There are so many misconceptions out there about fireworks, Passfire will help address them."

    - Andy Webb, President, Captain Boom Fireworks (Silver Sponsor)

"In my brief 16 years in the industry, I feel I have only scratched the surface of fireworks knowledge in general. I find it fascinating to see Passfire go to the ends of the world and see the many different techniques used. "

    - Jerry Casabella, Casabella Pyrotechnics

​Passfire Sponsors:

Exclusive Diamond Sponsor:

American Pyrotechnics Association

Titanium Sponsors:

Lynch Imports

Double Platinum Sponsors:

ACE Pyro/StarFire
Big Fireworks
Cobra Firing Systems

Platinum Sponsors:

Britton Gallagher
Allied Specialty Insurance
Ann & "Rapid Robert" Redd Foundation
Black Cat
Epic Fireworks
The Fireworks Foundation
Law Offices of John H. Brooke
Melrose Pyrotechnics
Pyrotechnics Guild International
Pyro City/Winco Fireworks
Pyro Planet
Pyro Spectaculars
RES Specialty Pyrotechnics
Spirit of '76 Fireworks 
Torch's Fireworks
Wolverine Fireworks
World-Class Fireworks/Jake's Fireworks

Gold Sponsors:

American Fireworks Company/American Wholesale Fireworks
Atlas PyroVision Productions
Casabella Pyrotechnics
Barn Built Productions
Dominator Fireworks
Foti International/Icon Pyrotechnics
Galaxy Fireworks
Hollywood Pyrotechnics

J&M Displays​​​​
MLE Pyrotechnics
National Fireworks Association
Pyrodigital/Infinity Visions
Pyro Novelties
Rozzi Famous Fireworks
Sunny Fireworks

Silver Sponsors:

Big Boom Pyro, Inc.
Captain Boom Fireworks
Central Maine Pyrotechnics/Pyro City Maine
Geelong Fireworks
Great Grizzly/North Central Industries
Martinez Specialties
Precocious Pyrotechnics, Inc.
Ralph Santore & Sons
Starr Fireworks
Thunderking Fireworks 
Western Enterprises
Young Explosives

Bronze Sponsors:

American Fireworks Display
American Fireworks News
Bixler Pyrotechnics
Finale Fireworks
Fireworks for Africa
Fireworks Productions of Arizona
Frame of Mind Productions
Gateway Fireworks Displays
Global 2000
Great Lakes Fireworks
HAZPlus/C.L. Smith
Hollister Pyrotechnics
JGW Berckholtz + Pyros Pyrotechnologie
Kaboom Enterprises LLC/www.fireworks.us
Kastner Pyrotechnics
Northwest Pyrotechnics Association 
Proximity Pyrotechnics
Py In The Sky
Starfire Corporation
ZY Pyrotechnics

Individual Sponsors:

Carol and Edward Hostetter (Platinum)
Richard A. Ditton (Silver)
Stephen M. Vaughn (Silver)
Thomas Castagna (Silver)
John Steinberg, MD, Consulting and Expert Services (Bronze)
Ray Lee, Head of Security, PGI (Bronze)

Passfire The Series: Season 1 Sponsors

Area 51 Fireworks
Cobra Firing Systems
Hollywood Pyrotechnics
Jake's Fireworks
Spirit of '76 Fireworks

Passfire The Series: Season 2 Sponsors

American Fireworks Company / American Wholesale Fireworks

Ann & "Rapid Robert" Redd Foundation

Area 51 Fireworks

Cobra Firing Systems

Jake's Fireworks

John Sagaria's Fireworks Extravaganza

Red Rhino Fireworks
RES Pyro

Shogun/Vulcan Pyrotechnics
Skyshooter Displays

Spirit of '76 Fireworks​
Wholesale Fireworks

Veverka Bros. Productions LLC

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Brooktondale, NY 14817
(+1) 607-216-4304

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