Veverka Bros. Productions LLC

Spirit of '76 Fireworks Safety

Dominator Fireworks, PGI GPD, 2019

Dragon Fireworks, Montreal, Canada

Cobra-Con 2020

National Fireworks Association Promo

Cobra: From Joes to Pros

Shogun and Vulcan Fireworks Promo

World Class Bird Dogs

Rozzi Famous Fireworks Mini Documentary

Cobra Firing Systems

Jake's Fireworks

Hollywood Fireworks

Spirit of '76

Area 51

Jake's Fireworks

Black Cat Marketing, USA

Winco Fireworks international LLC

The American Pyrotechnics Association

Wellness FX

Tap Zoo

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Why us?

Veverka Bros. expertise in producing award winning documentary features and shorts allows us to produce unique and sophisticated commercial and industrial videos. Our competitive pricing, diverse talent pool, and commitment to getting the job done on time and on budget results in the best bang for your buck.

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