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From story and script development, to production consulting, we provide a range of services that help you attain the best result possible. With backgrounds in filmmaking, cinematography, writing, engineering, marketing, fundraising, foreign language translation, travel and event planning, we provide you with custom solutions for your unique range of needs.            


In today's frenetic world of content production and video editing, post production is often the bottleneck. Our diverse talent pool enables us to provide expert quality editing, voice-over, graphic design, and motion graphics services. Whether we captured the footage for you or you provide it to us, we will ensure that the finished product is the best possible. Our competitive hourly rates and efficient approach mean that we can find a solution that fits your budget and timeline.  


Veverka Bros. Productions is an award-winning media services company whose specialties include documentary, promotional, and commercial video. We have experience working in a variety of industries and countries around the world, and are familiar with the unique challenges presented by international film production. We have extensive expertise in the fireworks and pyrotechnics industry.  We provide a full suite of pre-production, production, and post-production services, including script and story development, videography, editing, voice-over, graphic design, motion graphics, marketing strategy, consulting, and engineering/technical services.

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Veverka Bros. has expertise in producing award-winning documentary features and shorts around the world.  From single-person crews to large production teams, we are available to capture your vision on film. Our competitive pricing, state of the art equipment, and commitment to getting the job done on time and on budget means that we represent the best bang for the buck in the industry.