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Outside the box.   

 That's Outer Docs.

In a world where niche and special interest film festivals have become common-place, counter-culture has become mainstream, and documentary languishes in formulaic presentations of engaging but familiar subject matter, Outer Docs is an awards festival designed to celebrate documentaries that live outside the norm.

Come blast off with us to the outer reaches non-fiction filmmaking. Do you have a great documentary that just isn't finding its groove at film festivals? Whether it's unconventional subject matter, an experimental approach, an unusual opinion or just plain bizarre it might have a home at Outer Docs.

The Outer Docs Awards is an annual documentary awards festival presented by Veverka Bros. Productions LLC. At Veverka Bros. we believe that different is not just a counterpoint to conventional, but synonymous with outstanding. That's why we've worked hard to ensure that Outer Docs is an award festival way outside the herd.

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Outer Docs is a one-day film festival held from 1PM-10PM on September 30, 2017 at Cinemapolis in Ithaca, NY. We are proud to have the event catered with local beers and wines by the Ithaca Ale House at Cinemapolis! Later in the evening, join us for an after-party at a nearby venue. 


What are we  looking for?

Outstanding Independent short or feature length

documentaries that live outside of the mold.

We are open to all forms of subject matter and approach. Films do not need to be experimental, but should be different.

What do we mean by different? Different could mean a film on a familiar topic that doesn't conform to audience expectations. It could mean a film that challenges a general consensus. It could mean a topic that people have never heard of. It could mean an unusual viewpoint, or a usual viewpoint from an unusual source. It could mean a film that makes people uncomfortable. Different could be something so comforting that it gets overlooked by festivals only looking for conflict.

In other words, different can be anything that doesn't fit anywhere else - as long as it's good, but then different usually is good.

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