(2016, 111 minutes)

Venturing from the most well-known pyrotechnic centers, to remote enclaves where the cultural traditions of unique fireworks have lasted generations, the highly anticipated Passfire is the world’s first definitive documentary on fireworks.

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China: The Rebirth of an Empire

(2010, 86 minutes)

Peaceful rise or potential threat: What does China's 21st century re-emergence as a great world power mean for the rest of us?


Best Documentary: Central Florida Film Festival (2010)
Best Documentary: Astoria/LIC Film Festival (2010)
Best Documentary: Big Easy International Film Festival (2010)
Best Documentary: River Bend Film Festival (2011)
Merit Award: Montana CINE Film Festival (2010)
2nd Place, Documentary: Appalachian Film Festival (2011)

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Films Media Group (includes public performance rights)
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